Integrated Building Management System (iBMS)

Challenges faced by Facility Professionals

  • Inherit legacy based Security & Safety Systems from multiple vendors / different brands
  • Asset Management & Maintenance of different systems across locations 
  • Adoption of Technology agnostic solution for Aging & Outdated Assets Inventory
  • Single Point of Control
  • Data Analytics

Our Offerings

An Integrated Building Management Systems (iBMS)

  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Energy Management
  • Access control/security systems
  • Elevators and Escalators
  • Fire and Life Safety Systems
  • User Interface and Analytics

Connected Lighting Solutions

  • Lighting Management Systems
  • Day Light Harvesting
  • Human Centric Lighting

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Leap iBMS

Key Advantages

  • Preserve existing investments and integrate them with new technologies
  • Access and control all of your diverse systems through any standard web browser
  • Combine information from different systems to support better overall facility management
  • Specify interoperable systems and applications from multiple vendors—eliminating vendor lock
  • Generate return on investment, reduce energy costs, increase tenant satisfaction, improve security and gain greater control of your buildings

The Benefits


Quicker Turnaround time

Timely Maintenance & Upkeep


Better Control over Critical Infrastructure

Better Risk Mitigation & planning


Improved Efficiency

Optimized efforts leading to Lesser Costs of operations


Hands Off Mode

Improvised Reporting and Analytics

A Case Study

Key Considerations

  • Interoperability between third party devices / systems
  • Open standards to achieve vendor independency
  • Gaining remote access and controls without disturbing local operations
  • Disconnection with Centralized server must not disturb the local operations
  • Scalability & Future proof
  • IoT capabilities
  • Data & Analytics

Leap’s i.Mon is designed based on Tridium’s Niagara Framework, which is a de-facto global standard in Building Management Systems space.

Leap’s i.Mon is based on distributed architecture for monitoring diverse equipment’s (UPS, Energy meters, Flex Room temperature, Fire Alarm system, VESDA, WLD etc) of different makes and models at the local i.e. site level and then connect it to the command station centrally for real time remote monitoring from the HQ.

Architecture Powered by Niagara 4

Why LEAP Info Systems?

Leap Info Systems – A company leveraging power of Internet of Things (IoT) and Open Standards, interoperable technologies to deliver building and lighting controls & management, automation and energy management solutions

  • Vast 30+ years of collective experience into Software Development, Product Development, Automation and Maintenance Services
  • Certified and Competent Team
  • Tridium Niagara Certified Partner
  • Only elitedali™ Certified Partner in India
  • SL-BUS – India’s own IoT platform
  • Self Sufficient Support Systems
  • No locking for AMC’s – Enables for cost effective approach

Powered by Robust Technologies

All solutions by Leap Info Systems are powered by Internet of Things (IoT) and robust Open Standard technologies. Leap is Certified Partner with Tridium Niagara and SL-Bus. Leap is also recognised as one and only elitedali™ Certified Partner in India.

Leap Info Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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